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1 months ago

Overseas Armed Guard (Camp Bondsteel – Kosovo)

This listing has expired.

Job Description


  • Camp Bondsteel Pristina, Kosovo


  • First-Year Completion Bonus
  • Sign-on Bonus

Continuity Global Solutions CGS – Kosovo, LLC (CGS – Kosovo) is advertising in your community for an exciting opportunity to work overseas on a U.S. Government contract in the Eastern European Country of Kosovo -in the city of Pristina.

Whether you are just looking for a job in an exciting location with opportunities for growth or simply want to get your foot in the door in Government contracting – this opportunity is for you!


The Armed Security Guard provides security, installation access control, roving patrols, surveillance, monitoring and overall safeguarding to the installation and its tenants. This is a United States Army installation, which includes all access gym and workout facility as well as a PX, Burger King, and MWR.


  • Candidates must be a U.S. Citizen
    • If U.S. military experience is included as referenced experience, candidate must have a DD214 within the last 10 years as verification
  • Have two (2) years’ experience in armed security, armed law enforcement, or have performed operations within the Armed Forces, civilian police or commercial security while armed within the past 10 years
  • Must have completed a State recognized civilian security or law enforcement academy, or the completion of an armed forces security or law enforcement training program. (Verification of training, such as a training certificate/s or DD214 (honorable discharge) must be provided)
  • Have a current/active U.S. Passport
  • Be willing to undergo an NCIC/FBI criminal background report to include fingerprints. Must have a clean criminal history with no convictions or major traffic offenses
  • Must have experience and knowledge of security operations
  • Must have experience with basic force protection
  • Must have excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Must be medically fit and undergo medical testing
  • Must be fully vaccinated for the COVID-19 virus with acceptable documentation of vaccination(s)
  • Must pass a Physical Ability Test (to include – run 1.5 miles in 17:30 minutes and 21 pushups in two minutes). This is strictly enforced, and exceptions or waivers will not be allowed
  • Must be willing to undergo random drug testing upon request
  • Regular working hours are 48 hours per week. Due to the nature of the proposed employment, the employee may work on different schedules on different days of the week as assigned by a supervisor and may also be required to work additional hours beyond scheduled time
  • Physical Requirements/Working Environment:
  • The candidate must maintain the necessary physical fitness to ensure accomplishment of assigned missions. This includes guard duties under local types of weather and terrain. The candidate must meet all physical and medical requirements as dictated by the U.S. Government client's contract.

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