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1 weeks ago

Bilingual Unarmed Security Officer Hialeah

Flag us Miami, FL

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Job Description

Company Overview:

Our organization is in search of a dedicated Security Officer to oversee the safety of our premises, employees, and guests. The role demands a vigilant individual adept at monitoring our property to prevent and respond to incidents of vandalism, theft, or any criminal activity. The ideal candidate will demonstrate a commanding presence, exceptional observational skills, and the ability to act decisively in challenging situations. Our aim is to ensure a secure and undisturbed environment within our facilities.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Conduct regular patrols to ensure orderliness and a visible security presence.
  • Control access points, permitting or denying entry to individuals and vehicles in a manner that ensures property security.
  • Address and resolve incidents involving unauthorized persons or potential security threats efficiently.
  • Secure the premises by checking locks, exits, doors, and windows after business hours.
  • Monitor CCTV feeds for any irregular activities or unauthorized access attempts.
  • Carry out detailed investigations into suspicious individuals or activities on-site.
  • React promptly to alarms and emergencies by evaluating the threat and taking appropriate measures.
  • Offer help to individuals on the premises in need of assistance.
  • Detain individuals suspected of criminal activities in compliance with legal standards until law enforcement arrives.
  • Prepare and submit detailed reports on daily surveillance activities and notable incidents.

Required Skills and Qualifications:

  • Demonstrable experience in a security officer or guard position.
  • Able to speak English and Spanish
  • A thorough understanding of legal regulations pertaining to security, public safety, and property protection.
  • Proficient in preparing detailed reports.
  • Strong skills in surveillance and observation.
  • Technological proficiency, particularly with surveillance and security systems.
  • Certified training in First Aid/Basic Life Support (BLS) and self-defense techniques.
  • Must be registered as a security officer.
  • A minimum of a High School diploma or equivalent.

We Offer:

A role that is critical to the well-being of our staff and operations, providing the opportunity to work in a supportive and dynamic environment. You will play a key role in upholding our commitment to safety and security, making a significant impact on our organizational culture and daily operations.

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