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7 days ago

MIAMI GARDENS School Security Guard

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Job Description

  • Bonus based on performance
  • Competitive salary
  • Paid time off

Job Summary
We are seeking a professional SCHOOL SECURITY GUARD to join our team. School Security Guard is responsible for the overall safety and security of the school. The ideal candidate has experience with public safety and security and operates with a high degree of integrity at all times. The security team plays a critical role in the school’s culture and climate. A calm, structured, and positive learning environment is top priority for the security team. Security personnel actively engage in supporting students in order for them to be successful in the classroom and school community. The role of a security officer is physically demanding as they are the first line of defense to defuse and de-escalate student misconduct and/or serious incidents and must respond urgently.

  • Fulfill duties associated with the post assigned as part of the school’s comprehensive security plan; maintain an orderly post and remain at the post at all times unless otherwise directed by a supervisor
  • Actively respond to incidents, fights or other issues in the school that threaten the safety of students, staff, and/or guests utilizing Safety Care skills up to and including momentary physical intervention if warranted by the safety risk
  • Fulfill duties assigned related to Hall Sweeps
  • Patrol (foot or mobile) and monitor school property for unauthorized persons. If needed, redirect or escort from property
  • Report unusual activity or suspicions of safety issues to the School Administration in a timely fashion
  • Complete proper documentation related to incident reports and misconduct reports
  • Previous experience as a School Security Guard or in a similar position is preferred
  • High school diploma/GED

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