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3 weeks ago


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Job Description


To assist in the monitoring of the campus and report safety and security concerns to the School Principal, Security Specialist, School Resource Officer (SRO), Armed Guardian, or immediate supervisor as appropriate to the nature of the situation. To communicate the need for emergency protective actions in an emergency. To assist emergency responders with wayfinding and communication in the event of a crisis. To support the security efforts at each campus. Campus Monitors serve in an observe and report capacity and are authorized to intervene, as appropriate, to break-up or disrupt conflicts and fights, in accordance with District approved training and protocols. As with other employees of the District, Campus Monitors may use reasonable force to protect themselves or others from imminent life-threatening harm. ESSENTIAL PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS & EXPERIENCE

An earned high school diploma or satisfactory completion of an approved General Education Development (GED) Testing Program.

A minimum of four (4) years, within the last eight (8) years, of successful work experience.

Must be, at least, twenty-one years of age.

Effective verbal and written communication skills, including the ability to accurately communicate facts and write reports, and communicate in an emergency as required for the position. PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS & EXPERIENCE SIGNIFICANT CONTACTS-frequency, contact, purpose PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT LINK TO JOB DESCRIPTION

To review the complete job description for this position access the following website: and do a search by Job Code. The Job Code for this position is: NN-145. SKILLS COMPETENCIES CERTIFICATIONS LOCATION PREFERENCES/ADDITIONAL INFOR

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