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1 weeks ago


Tarrant County
Flag us Fort Worth, TX

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Job Description

Assists motorists with disabled vehicles and observes/notifies Transportation Management Center (TMC) of traffic flow/congestion problems on assigned routes. Independently patrols assigned route and accompanies others, as partners or to assist in orientation/training, to detect, respond to, and initiate clearance procedures for congestion causing incidents and maintains a consistent flow of traffic at incident location. Work requires extensive contact with law enforcement officials and the public. Employees at this level perform work independently on assignments; however, unusual issues are referred to a supervisor.

Responds to accidents/incidents on the highway systems and assists in analyzing the situation and determining a plan of action for removing the incident.Communicates appropriately (phonetic alphabet, 10-codes) and uses radio communication equipment.Assists motorists with disabled vehicles on the highway systems and removes vehicles or motorists from the roadway if necessary.Operates and maintains the incident response vehicle in accordance with preventive maintenance inspection (PMI) policies and procedures.Observes traffic control devices and traffic flow conditions while patrolling and reports major problems.Ensures that all courtesy, ethical and safety regulations/requirements are met so that all employees and the public are provided as a safe working environment as possible.Moves/picks up litter and roadway debris, as required to assure a safe thoroughfare.Assists in sanding bridges and roads, posting warning signs, helping the public, and performing other work as directed during emergency situations such as floods, hurricanes, snowstorms, accidents and hazardous materials spills.Performs other job-related duties as assigned.

This position is an outdoor assignment requiring that the incumbent drive and work in inclement weather or adverse conditions to include, but not limited to, rain, snow, ice, wind, and extreme temperatures in day or night conditions. Operators must be able to engage in physical activity to include performing limited automotive service; dispensing fuel to stranded vehicles; changing tires; using both hand and power tools including vehicle jacks, wrenches, and air or electric tools; moving limited debris; and placing, setting, moving, and lifting traffic cones. Lifting, pulling, pushing, standing, walking, squatting, crawling, working on knees, and working in cramped or low clearance places are typical activities for this position. The operator will work on or beside major highways carrying high speed and/or high volumes of traffic. Incumbents must drive a full size pick-up truck. This position requires that the individual be able to perform all of the required duties of the position without restriction. Must be willing to work overtime, weekends, holidays, rotating shifts, evenings and nights.

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