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2 weeks ago

Security Officer (NJUS)

Flag us Columbus, OH

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Job Description

Purpose of Position

The Security Officer provides a safe and secure environment at NetJets Home Office facilities. Greets all visitors entering the facilities and advises them once their business has been determined. Police the facilities and reports or takes action to correct any breach of the Company's security policy. Learn all the functions of the Security Control Room including data base management, trouble shooting of computerized systems and the ID center including data base management and production. Proactively investigate crimes and incidents of an unusual, suspicious or dangerous nature and will act to resolve these situations. Execute life safety procedures to protect the lives of associates in various emergency situations.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Greet all persons entering or calling the office buildings and provides information to their inquiries and/or requests.
  • Enforce company policy concerning security, life/safety and conducts all persons on the company premises.
  • Respond to emergency situations: i.e. issues of workplace violence, violent offenders, associates stranded in elevators, accidents, fires, medical emergencies, crimes in progress, alarm notifications, etc. Assist with emergency procedures and may direct public safety officials.
  • Patrol the buildings on a scheduled basis to provide physical security and life safety protection for the facility and associates. Respond immediately to radio calls to investigate alarms and emergency situations. May be required to patrol the exterior areas either on bike, foot or in car.
  • Write initial loss/stolen or incident reports for claims of loss or situations within the facilities. Conducts follow up investigations including reviewing documents, video, talking with suspects and victims, etc. Assist management with investigation of these situations.
  • Maintain the facilities access control of associates by cardkey and/or building registers after regular business hours. Secure the facilities at the end of a workday and maintains this secure mode until the facility is accessed for scheduled workday. May be tasked with operating the Lenel access control system to allow or deny access, create access cards, create system reports and maintain the database.
  • Provide associates escorts to and from facilities.
  • Assist with regularly scheduled building facility inspections of fire extinguishers, standpipe systems, PA systems, elevators and fire alarm systems.
  • Assist with on the job training of new security associates. Will provide security awareness and new hire security training to the associate population.
  • Perform transportation services for NetJets’ Executives and Owners.
  • Monitor electronic protection systems including alarms, CCTV, access control, fire, elevator, intercom and other systems as assigned. Dispatch security, public safety or other personnel to alarm conditions across the country from our alarm monitoring center. Maintain data bases within these systems and provides reports from same.
  • Monitor alarm systems across the country. Maintain, trouble shoot, repair hardware systems. Maintain and modify software and data bases. Provide database and activity reports based on alarm activity. Direct vendors during the install process. Frequent communication with end users for training and problem resolution.
  • Note: It is not possible to list all required job duties on this form. There may be other important duties assigned, depending on the position. For a full list of essential job functions, please refer to the essential functions worksheet for that position.


High School

Certifications and Licenses

Years of Experience

2-4 years of experience

Core Competencies

Strives for Positive Results

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other (KSAOs)

  • Proven knowledge of corporate safety and security practices, procedures, equipment, firearm and console operation
  • Must possess personal computer skills and good verbal and written communication skills

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