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1 months ago

Security Aide

This listing has expired.

Job Description

Security guards working in nursing homes are primarily responsible for patrolling the premises to ensure that the facility is kept safe from environmental and security risks, such as puddles, trespassers and intruders.

Job Description:

Security Officers inspect buildings, parking lots, grounds, fire lanes and emergency exit for compliance with safety standards and document findings.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Follow policies and procedures, maintaining compliance of required responsibilities.

Maintain integrity and display proper ethics in this role.

Conduct foot patrols of buildings and surrounding grounds.

Conduct surveillance of the property both inside and out.

Guards against trespass, theft, or damage to property or injury to individuals.

  • Screening visitors, notify designated personnel of emergencies, write reports.

Assist in the safe and swift evacuation of residents.

  • Adheres to and enforces security guidelines in all areas and notifies nursing supervisor of any concerns.

Responds to emergency situations per procedures.

  • Performs duties such as outside lighting checks, general department vehicle maintenance or cleanup, placing parking cones or barriers in parking areas providing traffic control.

Participates in investigations as needed and maintains records and prepares incident reports and other documents pertinent to security activities daily.

  • Performs other job-related duties as assigned.


  • High School Education/GED or equivalent: Preferred

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