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2 weeks ago

Security Officer

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Job Description


JOB TITLE: Security Officer

STATUS: Part-time

LEVEL: Non-Exempt

REPORT TO: Director of Security


  • Patrols and maintains order within the college facilities
  • Responds immediately to unusual or emergency situations, using the appropriate escalation of force while following established protocol
  • Controls access to facility, precludes unauthorized access, and insures that no access is gained by intruders
  • Observes and reports suspicious activities and incidents
  • Monitors entrances, and controls the movement of people, vehicles, and parking
  • Patrols assigned site, checks for unsafe conditions, hazards, unlocked doors and security violations
  • Handles all police-related complaints made by students, faculty, staff, patients and visitors including apprehension and prosecution
  • Enforces parking lot rules and regulations
  • Monitors closed-circuit TV system
  • Opens and locks doors and notifies Facility department of any malfunctions
  • Writes reports on criminal activities
  • Maintains lost and found articles
  • Answers College phone after hours
  • Drives Courtesy Van to escort students to the transportation hubs as assigned
  • Makes the day-to-day decisions necessary to ensure that all directives and policies are enforced
  • Evacuates and assists in life threatening events


  • Keeps Director Informed of shift activities
  • Serves as ambassador at College-related events
  • Serves as ambassador to all students
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Understands and exercises the appropriate escalation of force, following established protocols
  • Experienced in law enforcement and meet the minimum requirements for state and local licensing and permits
  • Member of the Chicago Police Department (active or retired)
  • Ability to operate computerized RS2 system
  • Ability to perform investigations
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision
  • Effective communication skills utilizing verbal, written and electronic means
  • Attendance and dress code must be in accordance with College policy

The Illinois College of Optometry has no contract or implied contract with its employees concerning the terms and conditions of employment. The Illinois College of Optometry and its employees each have the right to terminate the employment relationship at any time, with or without notice and no officer or employee of Illinois College of Optometry has the authority to alter or amend this expressed policy except the President, who is authorized to alter or amend this expressed policy only in writing.

I can perform all the Essential Job Functions as outlined in this job description.

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