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4 weeks ago

Health & Safety – Safety & Security Administrator – Weekend Shift

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Job Description

Safety and Security Administrator - Weekend Shift

Reports to the Director of Health & Safety on all matters. The Security and Safety Administrator is to secure premises and personnel by patrolling properties, monitoring surveillance, equipment, and access points. Investigates security breaches, incidents, and other alarming behavior. Controls traffic by directing drivers, completes reports by recording, observations, information, occurrences and surveillance activities. Duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:
  • High School Diploma or equivalent;
  • CPR/ First Aid Certified
Years of Education
  • 2-3 years of experience in a security role
Working Conditions
  • Work may involve some exposure to unusual elements such as extreme temperatures, dirt, dust, fumes, smoke, unpleasant odors and loud noises;
  • Able to work night shift as required
  • Must be able to stand for up to 4 hours;
  • Must be able to lift up to 15lbs;
  • Work environment requires having PPE in all areas of the plant facility; and
  • Flexible to work overtime as required
Required Skills
  • Ensure a safe work environment through a team effort of diligent active patrol, strict access control, monitoring, and equipment control;
  • Ontario Security License
  • Communication with each department daily by telephone, email and in person;
  • Knowledge of security operations and procedures;
  • Able to follow complex instructions;
  • Strong interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills;
  • Able to multitask;
  • Knowledge of fire inspection procedures;
  • Self - Defense
  • Outstanding surveillance skills;
  • Excellent sense of judgement;
  • Alerted at all times;
  • Reliability and dependability
  • Detail Oriented
  • Patrolling;
  • Safety Management;
  • Represents the company in a professional manner;
  • Reporting Skills;
  • Ability to problem solve and find enterprising solutions with emotional control.
  • Both administrative and technical in nature;
  • Be visible and observant, greeting staff, guests, and vendor in a courteous and attentive manner;
  • Maintain the company's reputation with professionalism and legal compliance;
  • Collaborate with other security officers for effective protection and coverage; and
  • Demonstrate State's core values and work in a team environment
Job Specific Duties
  • Obtain help by sounding alarms (siren/whistle/loudspeaker);
  • Prevent losses and damage by reporting irregularities, informing violators of policy and procedures, restraining trespassers;
  • Control traffic by directing drivers;
  • Complete reports by recording observations, information, occurrences, and surveillance activities; interviewing witnesses obtaining signatures
  • Maintain environment by monitoring and setting building and equipment controls;
  • Ensure operation of security equipment and surveillance cameras by completing preventative maintenance requirements;
  • Contribute to security team effort by accomplishing related results as needed ;
  • Ensure the security, safety, and well - being of all personnel visitors, and the premises;
  • Secure premises and personnel by patrolling property; monitoring surveillance equipment; inspecting buildings, equipment, and all access points; permitting entry;
  • Provide excellent customer service;
  • Adhere to all company situations and operating standards;
  • Respond to emergency situations to provide necessary assistance to employees and customers;
  • Protect the company's assets relative to theft, assault, fire, and other safety issues;
  • Follow procedures for various initiatives, including fire prevention, patrolling premises regularly, traffic control, and accident investigations;
  • Report suspicious activity, criminal behavior, and security breaches;
  • Responsible for overseeing overnight vehicles parked on the property;
  • Patrol property on foot and/ or in vehicle, securing personnel, assets, buildings, gates, and fence perimeter are secure in all weather conditions;
  • Investigate and take the appropriate lawful action as authorized by the corporate policy on accidents, incidents, trespassing, suspicious activities, safety, and fire incidents;
  • Control and monitor surveillance equipment and perform building and equipment inspections
  • Guard access points, permitting or refusing entry, restraining trespassers, and direct heavy traffic during start and end of business hours;
  • complete daily reports, including relevant information, observations, surveillance footage, and signatures
  • Secure all exit doors, overhead doors and gates depending on shift;
  • enforce relevant laws and regulations pertaining to all individuals on the property
  • Answer emergency calls from each department on all sites.
  • Conduct, document, and upload audits using computer software
  • Work closely with the night Health and Safety/HR Coordinator
  • Review floorplan with health and safety personnel regularly;
  • Work closely with the winter maintenance contractor to ensure maintenance is being completed in a timely manner;
  • Create, print and distribute employee badges and entrance fobs; and
  • Monitor speeding or aggressive driving within the company premises

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