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4 weeks ago

Security Guard – Parking Enforcement (Pearson)

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Job Description

We are seeking Casual and Full time Security Guards four our client's Pearson Airport location.

We value diversity and inclusion and encourage all qualified people to apply.

The posting will remain open until filled.

Position Overview:

Wages: $ 21.00/hr

Shift timings: 12 Hour Rotation Days and Nights


  • Perform access control provision duties, verify visitors coming on-site and parking enforcement. Dispatch duties via radio communication accepting all radio calls.
  • Escort medical staff including paramedics, police and firefighters when required.
  • Respond to medical emergencies and be prepared to perform CPR and AED if needed.
  • Unlock and lock doors for access by authorized persons.
  • Investigate incidents of trespassers along fence perimeters and property. Deter trespassers from the property.
  • Follow security breach procedures by notifying supervisors or other appropriate personnel when security breaches occur.
  • Monitor CCTV footage and cameras for irregularities and perform dispatch duties for the site including emergency response.
  • Perform foot patrols inside and outside the facility.


  • Valid Ontario Security License
  • Valid First Aid and CPR Certificate
  • Thorough understanding of security protocols and procedures including emergency response.
  • G Class Drivers Licence is required. G1 and G2 are not acceptable.


The posting will remain open until filled.

Further information about the Company:


Securitas employees come from all walks of life, bringing with them a variety of distinctive skills and perspectives. United through our common purpose, we provide the security needed to safeguard our clients' assets and people. Our core values – Integrity, Vigilance and Helpfulness – are represented by the three red dots in the Securitas logo. If you live by these values, we’re looking for you to join the Securitas team.

Securitas Canada's Mission:

Securitas’ mission is to protect homes, workplaces, and communities by providing the security services they need to protect their assets, safeguard their people, and maintain their ability to generate profits.

Securitas Aviation's Mission:

Securitas Aviation ensures the safety of passengers all over the world providing thorough security checks at airports in Canada

Our Values:

Securitas’ core values – Integrity, Vigilance and Helpfulness – are the foundation for our employees to build trust with customers, colleagues, and the surrounding community.


Securitas employees are honest and trusted by customers to safeguard their premises and valuables. We don’t compromise on integrity and create an open forum for our employees and customers to voice opinions, report improprieties, and share information.


Seeing, hearing, and evaluating. A Securitas employee is always attentive and often notices things that others don’t. Their vigilance is necessary in order to be aware of potential risks or incidents that may take place on our customers’ premises.


As part of an on-going effort to ensure safety, Securitas employees are always ready to help if an incident occurs that requires intervention regardless of whether or not it is directly related to their job.

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