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1 months ago

Full Time – Days – Security Coordinator – Bridgepoint Hospital

Paladin Security
Flag ca Toronto, ON
This listing has expired.

Job Description

Full Time - Days - Security Coordinator - Bridgepoint Hospital

Security Coordinator

Site: Bridgepoint Hospital

City: 1 Bridgepoint Dr, Toronto

Status: Full-Time

Hours: Monday to Friday - 0800-1600

Pay Rate: $28

Are you interested in starting a career in a fast paced and growing industry? As a provider of security services to clients with complex security needs, Paladin Security Group is offering an exciting career opportunity for you to give back to your community, while developing skills for future careers. Our training programs are also a leader in the security industry, and they will help prepare you for advancements, as well as build your resume for a potential career in law enforcement.

Job Description for Security Coordinator at Bridgepoint Hospital

  • Oversee the day-to-day activities of responding Security Personnel on site.
  • Provide ongoing support/education to Supervisors on site.
  • Coordinate and oversee all extra coverage request(s) made on site with Paladin Head Office.
  • Oversee developing security requirements/projects related to the site’s ongoing redevelopment/Renew phase(s) at Bridgepoint Hospital.
  • Develop and maintain a training program for the department as well as each individual Supervisor/Guard.
  • Ensure Supervisor/Guard training requirements are met to a satisfactory level and generate documentation of training upon request.
  • Develop and maintain site post orders.
  • Schedule and track recertification training, as required.
  • Research/explore and develop additional training and education, based on department need and Supervisor/Guard interests to help grow and further progress the security program on site.
  • Create and implement a standardized evaluation process.
  • Attend Supervisor and Management Team meetings and ensure staff receive all pertinent information following such meetings.
  • Respond to questions and concerns from front-line staff. Escalating any critical/organizational level concerns to the client with minimal delay.
  • Quality Control – Ensure performance matrix standards are met.
  • Coordinate case management if investigations and report back to the client in a timely manner via email or in person; briefing with appropriate documentation as necessary.
  • Develop/participate in educational awareness programs and emergency preparedness (ie. Safe Walk Program, Restraint Demonstrations, Mock Codes, etc.)
  • Maintain security application database and administer all software in collaboration with the client.
  • Participate in committees (where applicable and requested by the client in agreeance with your Paladin Manager).
  • Liaise with Police and other agencies as required.
  • Provide statistical analysis of security operations on site (monthly/quarterly).
  • Manage key control and perform audits as needed or otherwise requested.
  • Track and follow-up on incident reports (RL6) – escalating to the client as needed, as defined by the client in agreeance with your Paladin Manager.
  • Audit incident reports (RL6) for their completion and to determine whether certain events have been into SAFER (RL6) as required.
  • Maintain / track staff attendance and manage appropriately.
  • Monitor and maintain security equipment – escalating to Paladin Management and the Client as needed.
  • Maintain ongoing daily communication with Paladin and the Client (and other delegate(s)) to ensure any risk to either organization (Paladin Security Ltd./Bridgepoint Health) is escalated and mitigated appropriately.
  • It is NOT the responsibility of the Security Coordinator to take independent action on any incident that should otherwise involve leadership from either organization without their knowledge.
  • Train, motivate, and oversee the discipline of staff where necessary.
  • Maintain training records and appraisals.

Job Expectation(s) for the Security Coordinator at Bridgepoint Hospital

  • Must be the best-groomed and hardest worker on site. To be an authority figure we must look and act the part.
  • Must always remain calm, courteous, helpful, patient, and understanding.
  • Must maintain a positive and professional attitude at all times.
  • Must not take part in any activity that may discredit yourself, Paladin Security, other guards/supervisors, managers, or any Paladin executive.
  • Will not engage in any comments or remarks that would be considered harassment or demeaning to others.
  • Will not engage in any inappropriate comments about any Paladin staff, or fellow team members, and will reflect a professional image to all person(s)/members of the public.
  • Will never gossip about other staff members; as leaders we must be respectful and professional at all times – gossip destroys your credibility.
  • Will never reprimand or discuss reprimands in front of others. Professionalism must be maintained and so must the privacy of others.
  • Will be available to assist and support all Paladin staff on-site. As a leader you are expected to assist others so that all Paladin employees can provide the best possible service to our clients.
  • Always conduct assigned duties/procedures as per Paladin Security Group Ltd. Corporate policies.
  • Ensure that all requests for information/reports/assignments are answered when requested by your superiors.
  • Take pride in your workplace and keep all areas clean and presentable at all times.
  • Reflect a professional image to clients and put the best interests of the client first at all times.
  • Work together as a team and uphold Paladin’s expectations as you are an extension of Paladin Management.
  • All company/client equipment will be used for professional duties only and will never be used for personal gain. Cameras/computers/phones (cellular and land-line) will only be used for business activities only.
  • Must not allow personal relationships/friendships to supersede or interfere with your responsibilities as a Coordinator at Hospital.

Paladin Security: Making the World a Safer and Friendlier Place! Do you have superior customer service skills and a passion for helping people? Are you able to think quickly on your feet and defuse difficult situations? Your track record of handling a great deal of responsibility combined with your varied life experience and enthusiasm for a job well done make you an ideal candidate for our team! The Paladin Difference starts with our officers; we're the best because we hire the best. We believe in promoting from within, respecting people and their differences, providing high quality service and always having fun! If you think you have what it takes to join our team, we want to meet you!

Paladin Security has a diverse workforce. We believe in and are committed to a workplace culture of respect, inclusion, and diversity. Paladin Security is committed to providing accommodations for people with disabilities through the interview process and while employed. If you require an accommodation during the interview process, please let us know and we will work with you to meet your needs.

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