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1 months ago

Concierge/Security Guard (FULL TIME Afternoons, Tuesday to Saturday)

This listing has expired.

Job Description

As a full-time afternoon residential security concierge, your responsibilities typically revolve around ensuring the safety and security of the residential property and its occupants during your shift. Here's an overview of what your duties might entail:

  • Monitoring Security Systems: Keep a vigilant eye on surveillance cameras, alarms, and other security systems to detect any suspicious activities or breaches.
  • Access Control: Manage access to the residential premises by monitoring entry and exit points, verifying the identity of visitors, and ensuring that only authorized individuals are allowed onto the property.
  • Patrolling: Conduct regular patrols of the premises to deter potential security threats and to identify any safety hazards, such as unlocked doors or windows.
  • Emergency Response: Be prepared to respond promptly and effectively to emergencies, including medical incidents, fire alarms, or security breaches. This may involve contacting emergency services, providing first aid, or evacuating residents if necessary.
  • Customer Service: Provide friendly and professional assistance to residents and visitors, answering inquiries, providing directions, and addressing any concerns they may have.
  • Report Writing: Maintain detailed logs and reports of security incidents, disturbances, and any other noteworthy events that occur during your shift. These reports may be used for documentation purposes or as evidence in investigations.
  • Conflict Resolution: Mediate disputes or conflicts that arise on the premises in a calm and diplomatic manner, striving to resolve issues peacefully and without escalation.
  • Safety Procedures: Enforce safety protocols and procedures, such as ensuring that fire exits are clear, conducting regular fire drills, and promoting a safe environment for all residents.
  • Risk Assessment: Continuously assess potential security risks and vulnerabilities within the residential property, making recommendations for improvements or enhancements to mitigate these risks.
  • Collaboration: Coordinate with other security personnel, property management staff, and external stakeholders to maintain a cohesive approach to security and ensure effective communication and teamwork.
  • Training and Development: Stay updated on security best practices, undergo training in emergency response procedures, and participate in professional development opportunities to enhance your skills and knowledge in the field.

Overall, as a full-time afternoon residential security concierge, your primary goal is to create a secure and welcoming environment for residents while effectively mitigating potential security risks and ensuring their safety.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $18.65-$19.15 per hour

Expected hours: 44 per week


  • Dental care
  • Extended health care
  • On-site parking
  • Paid time off
  • Vision care

Flexible Language Requirement:

  • French not required


  • Evening shift

Application question(s):

  • How many years of CONDOMINIUM SECURITY experience do you have?


  • Secondary School (preferred)


  • Security Guard License (required)

Work Location: In person

Application deadline: 2024-04-29
Expected start date: 2024-04-29

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